Our sparkies do more than change lightbulbs!

The team at Evett Electrical work across a variety of specialised and general fields, and with over 25 years in the business you can be sure our work meets industry best practice.

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General Electrical
Heating & Cooling
Landscape Lighting

General Electrical

Our team are able to cater to all of your general electrical needs of any size.

Commercial sites

Power, landline, television, and USB outlets

Television and Home Theatre Installation


Property Pre-purchase Electrical Inspection

New Housing

House Rewires

Meter Relocations

Sensor Lights


We're big fans of the peace of mind you feel knowing that the things you’ve worked hard for are safe at home and work. We also understand that 'one-size-fits-all' alarm systems often don't cut it.  That's why we design custom security solutions, working to your individual requirements all while keeping it simple and easy to use. Our expertise includes:

 Integrated home and fire alarm systems

Specialist security methods, like reed switches, panic switches, and remote arming systems.

Sensors and security lighting

Commercial security systems

 Surveillance camera systems, including CCTV, DVR, with motion sensors and field-of-view movement.

Intercoms, video phones, and remote entry systems

Evett Electrical are licensed as security consultants and technicians by the New Zealand Private Security Personnel Licensing Authority (License 11-007854), ensuring you all our work conforms with industry standards.


The future is digital and our team are here to provide efficient data solutions for your home or office. Our structured cabling integrates all your system's technologies to increase production capacities and adhere to the latest industry standards, guaranteeing each and every system is functional and secure. Structured systems also eliminate the frustration of poor network performance or downtime which come naturally with 'organic' cabling.

Contact us to talk about how we can help improve your data system -  good decisions today can eliminate costly recabling tomorrow!

Heating & Cooling

With over two decades worth of experience in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) solutions, you can trust that systems we install are designed and fitted to suit your needs while operating at maximum energy efficiency. Whether you're looking to fit out an entire office, keep your home cool during the summer months, or tackle pesky winter condensation, we're here to help. We install, service, and repair a variety of heating and cooling systems, including:

  Air conditioning and heat pumps

  Heat transfer systems

  Home ventilation systems

  Electrical mechanical controls


Landscape Lighting

Outdoor lighting is transformative, functional, and - let's be honest - it looks bloody awesome. It can give new life to an outdoor deck or patio, and can provide newfound safety at night along paths and in shadowy spaces. The team at Evett Electrical are a creative bunch, who are happy to work with you to craft the perfect outdoor environment - light your paths, porches, even the pōhutukawa in the front yard! We also can advise on and install additional outdoor features, including waterproof power sockets for Christmas lights and all-weather sound systems.

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